Who we are

The Specialists of the Sector 

My name is Francesco Farano and I'm the director of the company Io Bebè Family Store since 2017. The company was founded in 1980 and since then we carry out the business of selling toys and products for young children with seriousness and professionalism. For our family, gambling has always been a passion and has played a central role in our lives. 

Our shop, born as a small neighborhood store, has evolved over the years to become a point of reference for much of our territory. I can say that I grew up personally testing the products of the most disparate companies until I know the strengths and weaknesses of each. A young company that boasts decades of previous experience that projects itself on our strengths, known and appreciated by our customers, namely:

The vast assortment of products ranging from products for early childhood, to games and toys of all types up to bicycles for children and adults; 

The extremely competitive prices we apply based on the online market;

Our willingness to promptly offer all the necessary information before, during and after the purchase;

Now we are able to supply our products in many countries within and outside the EU with the same seriousness that has allowed us to grow and achieve new goals.

Wholesale and Retail

We provide a sales service both retail and wholesale in a "B2B" (Business to Business) manner and in each case based on the category of customers.